[Up knowledge] advantages and disadvantages of Merbau wood flooring

In the home life, the floor has been widely used, whether it is reinforced flooring, composite flooring, or solid wood flooring. What should we choose in daily life? Here we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Merbau hardwood flooring.

Merbau wood flooring advantages:

1, the material is good

As a relatively high-end precious tree species in solid wood flooring, Merbau is a more common tree species in northern paving. The wood is shiny, with no special odor and taste, slightly coarse structure, strong oil resistance, moisture resistance and termite resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. Strong, hard and heavy material, high strength.

2, stable performance

The solid wood flooring of Merbau is stable and is not easily deformed or cracked. It can be called the king of stability in solid wood floors. In theory, it can be used for geothermal heating.

3, good color

Merbau wood floor pattern look good, tree lines clear and beautiful, very distinctive, bright colors, fine workmanship, in appearance is very good.

Merbau wood flooring defects

1, easily deformed

The solid wood flooring of Merbau has a disadvantage of being difficult to maintain. If the indoor environment is too humid or dry, the solid wood floor can easily be arched, warped or deformed.

2, easy to change

The color of the Merbau floor is very bright, but it is relatively easy to change the color of iron and water, so be sure to pay more attention to daily maintenance.

3, difficult to process

Merbau solid wood floor saws, planing difficult, gum easy jam sawtooth.

4, maintenance trouble

Melange wood flooring after the installation of a good waxing, oiling, or the floor surface of the gloss quickly disappeared.

Solid wood floor maintenance

1, waterproof

Do not use the mop or soapy water that is still in the dripping water to mop the floor. It will have a direct influence on the lacquer and the sheet (dew mold distortion, dull gloss, etc.). If you really want to mop the floor with a damp mop, try to dry the mop to the 70% dry, prevent water molecules from infiltrating the floor and causing moisture and mildew.

2, moisture-proof

In the rainy season when the humidity is too high, it is best to open the dehumidifier and use the air conditioner to control the air humidity. Floors that are damp on the ground, especially the first floor and the basement, need to have a waterproof layer on the ground before laying the wooden floor. It is best to apply a waterproof coating to the boards before laying.

3, sun protection

To prevent strong and prolonged sunlight exposure to the floor, so as to avoid premature aging and cracking of the paint under ultraviolet irradiation. Avoid hot and cold air blowing and baking the floor.

4, fire prevention

Do not casually throw unlit objects such as cigarette butts and matchsticks on solid wood floors. Do not rub dust, dirt, etc. on the floor with gasoline, etc., so as to avoid static electricity caused by friction and cause fire.

5, damage prevention

Do not wear shoes with nails to walk on solid wood floors. Some items that are rough, bulky and have high hardness cannot be directly placed on solid wood floors to prevent scratches. If this happens, it should be repaired in time.

6, anti-dirt

Corrosive liquids, strongly acidic and highly alkaline substances such as toilet spirits, kitchen degreasers can not be used to clean the floor; high temperature liquids or objects, prohibited direct placement on the surface of the wooden floor, so as not to damage the surface layer.

Summary: The above is the content of the advantages and disadvantages of Merbau wood flooring introduced by Xiao Bian. We hope that we can effectively help everyone. For more information, please pay attention to this website.

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