Using motorized cutter common sense

Motorized winch, diesel motorized winch, gasoline motorized winch motorized winch, diesel motorized winch, gasoline motorized winch brake:
There are two types of brake devices: automatic clamping brake and clutch transmission interlocking brake, which act as braking in both the positive and negative directions.
Hand crank:
In the working process, if the prime mover fails and the suspended object is not in the upper limit, the hand shake device can be moved to suspend or return the suspended object to the ground.
Motorized winch, diesel motorized winch, gasoline motorized winch lubrication method:
The parts in the gearbox of the grinder are oily and the outer bearing is made of butter.
Before starting the machine, the winch drive clutch must be turned on, and the front and rear shift levers must be turned to the neutral position before they can be turned on.
When the clutch is toggled, the action should be fast, otherwise the interlocking brake will not work, forming an impact force that increases the automatic brake pawl. When starting up, it should not be too hard, until the pulley can drive the input shaft to rotate without slipping.
The transmission clutch must be opened when the gear is changed. Otherwise, the gear will be damaged. After the gear is changed, check whether the gear is tight or not to prevent the gear from jumping.

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