What about autumn tomato cracking fruit? Doing a good job of protection is the key

Tomato cracking directly affects the quality and value of tomatoes, so what do you know about autumn tomato cracking? The next small series introduces you to do the protection work is the key.

Autumn tomato cracking fruit solution:

The first is the variety selection. Choose varieties that are resistant to cracking, luxuriant foliage, thicker and more tough skin.

The second is to maintain a suitable soil dry humidity. Covered with mulch or covered with straw, maintain a relatively stable soil moisture and prevent dryness and humidity.

The third is to increase the application of organic fertilizer, improve the soil structure, spray a new high-fat film ground protection, can activate the surface layer density and increase the emergence rate.

Fourth, moderate pruning and topping ensure that the branches and leaves of the plants are luxuriant, and the transpiration of excess water in the plants is strengthened to prevent direct sunlight.

Fifth, in the fruit young fruit stage and the expansion stage, the plant is sprayed with the fruit of the fruit, which has a good effect on preventing the tomato from cracking the fruit.

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