What are the doors and windows essential

What is the aluminum alloy door and window accessories:
Aluminum alloy doors and windows accessories are the auxiliary materials that ensure the opening and flexible, closed and intact, even posture, constitute a sealed, complete aluminum alloy doors and windows. Aluminum alloy door and window accessories are divided into three categories according to product categories: hardware, sealing materials, and auxiliary parts.

First, hardware:
Door and window hardware accessories are the general name of various metal and non-metal fittings installed on building doors and windows, and are the key components that determine the performance of doors and windows. Hardware accessories are the parts that are responsible for the close connection of the door and window frame and the fan, and have an important influence on the performance of the doors and windows. The design of doors and windows is first of all the architectural design of the performance of doors and windows. To meet the functional requirements of buildings, the performance of doors and windows and relevant design requirements are determined reasonably.
1、Hardware according to product category: Transmission mechanism with handle, spin handle, hinge (hinge), transmission lock, slide stay, spreader, latch, multi-point lock, pulley, single point lock And hardware for hanging under suspension.
2. Classified by purpose: door hardware and window hardware.
3, according to purpose can be divided into: push-pull doors and windows hardware, casement window hardware, flat open under the hanging window hardware accessories.

Second, the sealing material:
Aluminum alloy door and window sealing materials are related to the entire sealing system of doors and windows. Sealing tapes for windows and doors have also been improved with the development of the industry. From the initial low-cost rubber and plastic, PVC rubber tape gradually transitioned to the EPDM rubber tape. Applications. Currently, sealant strip products used in the market to replace EPDM have emerged and have already begun to be applied to engineering practice. It is a Beijing Huaqiang coated sealer. This material is both an anti-aging function and environmental protection. It is an upgraded version of high-grade sealing tape.
The covered sealer is a high-performance coated foam sealer, which has been independently developed with the introduction of advanced production equipment. The product is coated with a waterproof, wear-resistant and anti-aging compound film on the soft sealing material to extend the life of the sealing material. It can be directly used to seal the gaps of various windows and doors, and is suitable for all kinds of high-grade furniture. High-grade door and window systems have outstanding performance in sealing, sound insulation and shock absorption.

Third, auxiliary parts:
Aluminum alloy doors and windows with accessories are: connectors, connectors, reinforcements, cushions, glass pads, fixed angle, sealing cover and so on.
With the specialization and automation of production of aluminum alloy doors and windows, most of the auxiliary parts have become purchased parts for aluminum alloy door and window manufacturers. Even to improve the assembly level of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the entire window of aluminum alloy doors and windows is guaranteed. In terms of performance, most of the profile production enterprises carry out supporting production for most auxiliary parts such as connectors, connectors, and reinforcements. Aluminum alloy doors and windows manufacturers only need to be selected according to the production of door and window models. The material for the production of aluminum alloy door and window accessories should meet the performance requirements, and the specification and dimensions should meet the requirements for installation and use.

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