What is the fluorocarbon paint fluorocarbon paint construction process

Fluorocarbon paint is a very widely used paint coating product, although many people do not understand fluorocarbon paint at all, but both architectural and household products can be exposed to fluorocarbon paint. Fluorocarbon paint has more advantages than traditional paint coatings. Due to the special nature of fluorocarbon paint, the fluorocarbon paint construction process is different from traditional paint and coating construction. Next Xiaobian will introduce to everyone what is the fluorocarbon paint and fluorocarbon paint construction process.

First, what is fluorocarbon paint

Fluorocarbon paint, also known as fluorocarbon coating, fluororesin coating, etc., it is a fluorine resin as the main coating material. The most widely used fluorine resin coatings on the market are: PTFE, PVDF, PEVE and other three types. Fluorocarbon paints are generally classified into trifluoro and tetrafluoro, which have the following advantages over traditional materials:

1. Excellent light and weather resistance compared with traditional coatings, superior stability with no chalking, no fading and long life of up to 20 years.

2, excellent anti-corrosion, tough film, impact resistance, anti-buckling, good wear resistance.

3, super adhesion, whether it is stainless steel or cement, composite materials, basically shows the characteristics should be attached to any material. Does not stick dust and fouling, anti-fouling is good.

Fluorocarbon paint is a new type of material, which can be divided into water-based fluorocarbon paint and oily fluorocarbon paint series.

Water-based fluorocarbon paint is an environment-friendly one-component fluorocarbon emulsion paint with excellent performance of water-based fluorocarbon resin as the main component. It has excellent durability, easy construction, cleaning and long-term excellent gloss and color retention properties. The ultra-durable decorative protective coating applied to various buildings' exterior walls, roofs and various building materials can greatly extend the service life of buildings.

Water-based fluorocarbon paint series include underground building fluorocarbon paint, imitation metal outer wall fluorocarbon paint, ancient building fluorocarbon paint, old wall renovation fluorocarbon paint, bridge protection fluorocarbon paint, special building fluorocarbon paint, outer wall fluorocarbon Paint, transport equipment, fluorocarbon paint, etc.

Waterborne fluorocarbon gloss: high gloss, matt.

Color: A variety of standard colors, and varnish, can also meet customer special requirements for color matching.

Water-based fluorocarbon paint product features:

a, with excellent durability, easy construction, cleaning performance;

b. Long-term excellent gloss and color retention properties;

c. It can greatly extend the service life of the building;

d. Excellent weather resistance provides long-term protection and decorative years.

e. Excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion effectively resists acid rain corrosion.

f, excellent flexibility can effectively cover the wall of micro cracks.

g. Excellent stain resistance makes the wall durable and clean.

h, environmental protection and health, because of its use of water as a solvent, the difference between the oily fluorocarbon paint and organic solvents, to ensure non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, non-explosive, no pollution, no emissions.

Oily fluorocarbon paint

The oily fluorocarbon paint must be reconciled with special special fluorocarbon paint thinner, with extraordinary weather resistance, anti-pollution, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, high decorative performance, good chemical resistance of the paint film, strong adhesion, and good compactness. Strong infiltration ability, can effectively prevent moisture, carbon dioxide penetration and the erosion of harmful substances, can comprehensively improve the corrosion resistance and service life of metal materials.

Oily fluorocarbon paints include: fluorocarbon paint for roofing of color tiles, road lamp pole guardrail, fluorocarbon paint, fluorocarbon paint for imitation aluminum plate outer wall, fluorocarbon varnish, fluorocarbon paint for corrosion protection of steel structure, fluorocarbon paint for restoration of ancient buildings, Vehicle traffic series fluorocarbon paint, metal effect exterior wall fluorocarbon paint, aluminum curtain wall/color board special fluorocarbon paint, petrochemical anti-corrosion fluorocarbon paint, heavy machinery protection fluorocarbon paint.

Oily fluorocarbon paint features:

1. The oil-based fluorocarbon paint film is particularly resistant to UV rays and can maintain its original color for a long period of time. Its ultra-durable performance, reduce maintenance costs, reduce overall costs, but also to prevent the carbonation of concrete structures.

2. The use of ceramic composite technology for oily fluorocarbon paints makes the paint film more chemically stable, denser and harder, reduces the electrification of the coating film surface, reduces the accumulation of various dusts in the atmosphere, and is extremely resistant to pollution. With self-cleaning function, it can maintain long-term natural cleanliness.

3, oily fluorocarbon paint solvent resistance, good alkali resistance, suitable for special harsh environments.

4. Oily fluorocarbon paint is a mixture of oily base material and oily auxiliary material. Its characteristics are toxic, flammable, explosive, high pollution and high emission. Under the current domestic environment, the production and sales of oil paint will be costly. .

Second, fluorocarbon paint construction process

1, first determine the quality of the grass-roots level, whether the surface stains, cracking, moisture content, etc.

2. Check the smoothness and smoothness of the wall surface, and treat the wall to be clean, smooth, free of non-adhesive particles, and the requirement is to meet the flatness requirement ≤ 2mm.

3, putty, using fluorocarbon paint special anti-cracking putty, according to the instructions to deploy, fully mix well, can not be used after more than 4 hours; putty with aluminum alloy on the top of the putty, the first vertical scraping in the horizontal scraping, speed and force to be balanced Paste the decorative tape, divide the grid section according to requirements, put the putty after dividing the grid well, and then tear the tape off one by one; putty is generally applied 4 times, the putty layer is dried and polished with 120 mesh or 150 mesh sandpaper. At the same time, straighten the Yang angle and waistline.

4, primer spraying, after the putty polished and not meet the requirements on the basis of spray primer, spray uniform, windy and rainy days should not be construction; primer spray again, such as the surface of a scratch mark or bee eye phenomenon, must be polished To meet the requirements; after the primer should be dry and uniform color gloss, smooth coating surface, no dust and other stains.

5, spray paint, according to the proportion with a good finish paint, deployment of fluorocarbon paint must be used 200 mesh gauze filter, filter stirring to avoid precipitation; consider the construction area, the number of construction, area distribution and other issues, the general arrangements A number of people are working at the same time, and spraying as thick as possible on the premise of not sacrificing.

6. Do a good job of protective work. Construction personnel must bring anti-virus masks and gloves to protect the wind downfall. To achieve no sagging, uneven brightness, hair and other phenomena, should feel fine and shiny, and finally clean up the scene.

Editor's summary: About what is the fluorocarbon paint and fluorocarbon paint construction process introduced here. For more information, you can follow this site information.

Fluorocarbon paint

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