What is the role of lavender pillows?

Lavender Pillow is an aromatherapy pillow with a selection of lavender as a raw material, 100% cotton twill as a pillow bag, pearl cotton as a core, and a more even pillow. Lavender is a lip-shaped aroma. Plants, pillows made of lavender have many benefits for human sleep, which can help people quickly fall asleep and relieve stress. Let's take a look at the role of lavender pillows.


Is lavender pillow ok?

The lavender pillow shape design is like a petal, with a concave in the middle, which fully conforms to the physiological curve of the human head, so that the neck and the head get better support and protection, and the sleep quality is obviously improved. The lavender sachet features a detachable “petal” quilted structure, and the lavender sachet is detachable for drying to meet your different needs.

Lavender pillow effect

1. Lavender pillows have the function of removing odor, calming the air, promoting blood circulation, regulating physiological functions, removing ants, removing mites, removing phlegm, relieving mental stress, providing affectiveness and enhancing memory.

2, lavender pillow lavender has good effect on pain, stroke, paralysis, etc. When people sleep, the head temperature makes the active ingredient of the pillow medicine slowly emit aroma and condense in the pillow circumference, through the mouth, pharyngeal mucosa and skin. The absorption of the drug reaches the effect of ventilating the blood and smelling the aroma, so that you can maintain your health during sleep.

3, lavender pillow mellow, more and more popular with the public, drinking lavender tea, can regulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, is good for oily skin and oily hair, can improve sleep, play a role in beauty care, and lavender is also widely For menstruation, eczema acne, weight loss and other fields.

4, lavender pillow with dynamic full groove design, can effectively release cervical pressure, promote blood circulation, relieve cervical pain, eliminate fatigue and tension, and thus enjoy deep sleep, lavender will sleep pillow, soothe the nerves, excellent durability, hygroscopicity and Breathable is good, lavender is called "after vanilla", the fragrance is fresh and elegant, the nature is mild, especially for patients with migraine, cervical spondylosis and insomnia, the effect is better in winter and summer, and it is breathable and relieves fatigue.

5. Lavender is an important raw material for fragrant, and it can be used as medicinal. Lavender has the functions of sleeping, calming and anti-depressant. It can prevent and soothe phlegm, and can improve health and strength. It can be put into the pillow core, and it is pleasant and pleasant. God calms, relaxes the body, cares for the emotions, and has a good sleep aid effect. The humanized design of the pillow makes it easier to exchange for the medicine pack, and it can be used in combination with multiple effects.

The above is the effect of the lavender pillow introduced to you by Xiaobian. I hope that it can help everyone. The selection of pillows can affect the quality of our sleep. We must carefully select and provide more relevant information. Please look forward to GO. Edited reports.

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