When the price of furniture changes, it is difficult to implement the price.

In March of this year, following the notice issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, the large-scale chain appliance stores, such as Suning and Gome, announced that they would jointly implement the “clear price” sales of the upstream manufacturers in the national chain stores. Accept consumer bargaining. Recently, the reporter turned around in several appliance stores, and found that all businesses basically adhered to the rules of clear price. Although some merchants can bargain, the bargaining space is very small, and can only float up and down in the hundred yuan. Many sales people have said that the lowest price of the product is the price on the label. If you want to get a lower price, basically It is necessary to rely on the "old-for-new" policies of home appliances. In the Lion City of Zhujiang Road, the reporter also saw the price inquiry system. The system clearly marked the price index of Beijing Zhongguancun on the same day. The price of each product of each merchant is clearly marked on the system, even accurate. The price of a U disk, consumers only need to move the mouse, you can refer to the price of Beijing to shop around. In the home industry, there are few implementers who have a clear price. Although in recent years, a few home furnishing companies have implemented the actual price, but the cabinets, lamps, ceramics, sanitary ware and other home improvement building materials are still "staying in the air." Some lighting products have a particularly high price, and the price is more than ten or 200,000. The actual transaction price is only one tenth. Inter-bank support for home shopping malls to be "tough" Why the home appliance industry can achieve clear price, the home industry has not been moving? A person in charge of the appliance store who did not want to be named told the reporter that they are based on reasonable profits, and then refer to the price of similar products on the market, and regularly adjust the price tag of the product, the price of the same brand and model. Not higher than the same city. "Because our real price has been very successful, many of our peers have come to find out how to operate. Some of the peers attribute the crux to the consumers, and believe that consumers like to make a counter-offer, which makes it impossible to implement. In fact, it is still the management of the enterprise itself. Institutional problems, we have done a lot of meticulous research and preparation before the implementation of the clear price, the light rules and regulations have been compiled a thick book, and now the difficulty of management has increased a lot." "Home industry situation and home appliances The industry is almost the same, all are based on rental stores. If the home industry wants to implement a unified price, it will not only require the cooperation of the merchants, but also the store itself. The home store should learn from the appliance store and formulate its own 'game rules'. Mandatory to allow merchants to unify the cashier, the implementation of the clear price. But this process is very difficult, if not done well, it will be counterproductive." An industry insider pointed out that the home industry businesses rely on the store to survive, but the store is against the business The implementation of "putting sheep management" is also a blind eye to the pricing of merchants. He believes that the experience of IKEA, B&Q, and home music stores is worthy of reference to other stores. The store should come up with its own tough attitude. "Develop your own rules and regulations at the beginning of the store." Just out of the game, in order to ensure that the actual price of the code is really implemented. Why is the price of building materials and furniture so difficult? Every renovated owner has such a bargaining experience, and a little carelessness will make you feel bad. Recently, the owner, Miss Yan, encountered an annoyance about the price: the price of furniture was negotiated three times and five times, but the merchants “sit on the ground” before signing the order. When the reporter understood the situation, the merchants did not live to the reporters: the owners bargained too much, and the price could not be sold. Insiders pointed out that bargaining for building materials and furniture has become a practice that has been formed in the home industry for many years. To promote the actual price, consumers have to change the habit of bargaining!

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