Wrigley cabinets how Wrigley cabinets introduced

We all know that Wrigley's brand, whether it is Wrigley or Wrigley, is very successful in the domestic market. It is welcomed and loved by Chinese consumers. It is a trusted brand for consumers. Since the company was founded in 1997, Wrigley cabinets have been at the same time. When it came out, talk about Wrigley cabinets with Xiaobian from all aspects of the Wrigley cabinet today.

First, the quality of Wrigley cabinets

"ARROW Wrigley" is affiliated to Lehua Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. of Shunde District of Foshan City. The company was founded in 1997. The "ARROW Wrigley" product, which was born at the beginning of the company's creation, has Wrigley and Wrigley cabinets. In 2002, Wrigley passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification; in April 2004, it successfully passed the international acceptance standards adopted by the Quality Supervision Bureau; in 2006, ARROW Wrigley stood out among many competing brands in the country and became a “China Top Brand” brand; 2008 Wrigley won the "China Famous Brand" in one fell swoop.

Second, Wrigley cabinets OK?

1, Wrigley cabinet design: Wrigley cabinet full set of products are from Italy original design.

2. Production of Wrigley cabinets: Wrigley cabinet core production equipments are all imported from Germany, and the production process realizes intelligent management.

3. Operation of Wrigley cabinets: Wrigley cabinets are equipped with skilled operating teams in terms of design, R&D, production, sales, logistics, and customer service, and strive to provide the best service to customers with a sound operating model.

4, Wrigley cabinet style: Wrigley cabinet style design leads the trend, diverse styles, there are fashion simple style, black and white classic style, simple European pastoral style, European classical style, elegant modern style.

5, Wrigley cabinet products: Wrigley cabinet currently has 5 series of products, namely paint series, plastic series, solid wood series, overall board series.

Third, the Wrigley cabinet official website

Wrigley cabinet is a brand of Lehua Ceramic Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. of Shunde District of Foshan City. Since its establishment in 1997, the company has always adhered to the quality policy of “scientific design, fine work, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction” and strives to provide customers with the best quality bathroom. Sanitary ware and cabinet products. In 2006, Wrigley successfully achieved strong cooperation with the world's top design agency "Italian Flemish Design Co., Ltd." and strived to create comfortable, healthy and environment-friendly products for consumers.

Wrigley cabinets are one of the top ten brands in China's cabinets and shoulder the new mission of the kitchen revolution. Wrigley cabinets are full of comfort and fun with high-quality, humanized, low-carbon and environmentally-friendly cabinets. And pioneered the new concept of “FUN Life”, breaking the shackles of the traditional kitchen as a single cooking tool, and building a modern kitchen into a diversified FUN paradise with cooking, relaxation and enjoyment of life.

Summary: How Wrigley cabinets are introduced to this, oh, if you have more confusion about Wrigley cabinets, you can leave a small message to the bottom of the list.

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