Zhagu’s cold coke and sharp coking affect the expansion rate of the carbon block itself

The roasting time is short, the temperature distribution of the tank lining is uneven, and the temperature gradient is too large. The purpose of roasting is drying and heating the lining of the tank, so that it reaches or approaches the electrolysis temperature during production, so that the Carbon Paste is gradually coked and carbonized with the carbon block. Bonding well into one. The old roasting system of our factory requires roasting for 48 hours. Since the roasting time is short, the temperature cannot rise. In particular, the lining of winter construction and gypsum-laying masonry, the temperature gradients of the upper and lower surfaces of the bottom carbon block and the binding paste are too large. However, the start-up temperature suddenly increased, the temperature reached 1000 to 1100e in the first day or two, the lining material rapidly expanded under the thermal shock, and the solidified cold coke was sharply coked, and the expansion rate of the paste and the carbon block itself was not the same. , so easy to produce cracks of different sizes.

In particular, the lining of the wetlaid masonry contains too much moisture, and during the roasting start-up process, a high-temperature vapor pressure is formed, further expanding the expansion force, and providing infiltration conditions for the aluminum liquid and the electrolyte. Practice has proved that improper control of roasting time and temperature is also the main reason for the early damage of the electrolyzer. In the late stage of start-up, the tank temperature is too high, the high-temperature period is too long, the slow start-up of the side furnaces and the management after start-up are of paramount importance to the service life of the aluminum electrolyzer, and this will provide a lifetime benefit to the aluminum electrolysis production, not only the long service life of the tanks. , And high efficiency, low power consumption, operation is always stable. External procurement of materials, especially carbon blocks and cold paste, must be strictly controlled. For product quality, production process, equipment, and product inspection, we must fully understand the products that can meet the national standard and industry standards before they can order. There is a slight omission in this regard. Even if the construction of the furnace is ridiculous, it will not help and the economic loss will be heavy. In view of the serious deformation of the old tank shells, the bricks were modified into double sided carbon blocks, the steep bricks (firebricks) were removed, and the heat dissipation at the side was enhanced to facilitate the formation of the furnace floor.

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